5 Panel Interior Doors

5 Panel Interior Doors come in two main varieties:

Raised Panel- The panels are raised on both sides, and are mainly solid cypress doors.

Raised 5 Panel Door

Flat Panel- The panels are flat with either a shaker stile or a stepped profile stile. These doors can be cypress, but they are more common in fir with plywood panels.

Flat 5 Panel

Five panel doors typically come in widths from 26″ wide to 34″ wide, although we do have some others in odd widths. The heights typically start around 79″ and go to 84″, although we do have some in odd heights. They range in thickness from 1″ to 1-3/4″.

Most of our doors are made of cypress. They are antique, used doors and will have holes, blemishes and other imperfections. We do offer refurbishment at an additional cost that depends on what needs to be done to the specific door.