16 Inch Iron Head Bolt

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16 Inch Iron Head Bolt

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16 Inch Iron Head Bolt

16 Inch Iron Head Bolt is most often used on a double door application and secures the stationary door at the top, it is highly recommended for use with a foot bolt (or bottom bolt) to prevent warping. The bolt measures 16-3/4″ tall and the rear plate measures 1-7/8″ wide by 6″ tall. The bolt tongue measures 3/4″ when activated, and is 5/8″ wide. The bolt comes with two different keepers, one used when the door is flush with it’s casing, and one used when the door is set deeper into its casing. It also comes with one stay used to keep the arm from being pulled from the surface of the door. It is important to note that in order to operate the bolt properly it must only be pulled up or down, never forward away from the surface of the door (this action would put stress on the weld that attaches the arm to the bolt).

16 inch iron head bolt

Out of stock

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16 Inch Iron Head Bolt

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