8 Inch Steel Strap Hinge

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8 Inch Steel Strap Hinge

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8 Inch Steel Strap Hinge

8 Inch Steel Strap Hinge includes hinge and pintal. These heavy steel hinges have no offset, but can be bent to accommodate most offsets. We suggest priming and painting these before installation. You may use these on the left or right shutter. This product can be installed using a drill.

The exact measurements of the hinge itself are 8″ long,  1-3/4″ wide at widest point, tapers to 1/2″ at the end.

The pintal measures 4-3/4″ tall, 1-3/8″ wide, and projects 1″ from the back of the plate to the center of the pintal itself.

8 inch steel strap hinge

50 in stock

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8 Inch Steel Strap Hinge




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