Paint Your Antique Door This Summer

Paint Your Antique Door This SummerHave you been procrastinating giving your antique door a new paint job? The summer months might be the perfect time to get the project done. The kids are home from school and could provide the help you have been looking for. This could be a fun project for the entire family and once its done everybody will feel a sense of accomplishment.

What You Need To Keep In Mind

Painting in the Summer can be a challenge. The heat will make it more difficult for you to work outside and it will impact how your paint job turns out.  The best temperature to paint is around 70 degrees, according to experts. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the quality of the paint job depends on surface temperature. Consider that surfaces in direct sunlight can be 10 to 15 degrees hotter. While paint dries, a certain amount of liquid must stay with the paint while setting. If the temperature is too hot, the water in the paint evaporates too quickly, which could result in cracked paint.  Temperatures over 90 degrees can cause some paints to bubble and blister, which results in peeling once the paint cures. If the paint dries while you are still painting, it can overlap with already painted sections and your paint job could end up looking uneven. Brushes and roller can dry making it difficult to clean them.

When Is The Best Time To Paint In The Summer?

Paint early in the mornings or late in the evenings when the temperatures are cooler. Work around the house painting the shaded areas as the sun moves east to west. Make sure to stay hydrated. Avoid painting when it’s windy since dust and debris will stick to wet paint. When in doubt hire professional painters.

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