Upcycling, Remodel For Less Using Reclaimed MaterialsRemodel For Less Using Reclaimed Materials

You can remodel your home for less using reclaimed materials. Right now is the perfect time to start a remodeling project since the weather is not too hot just yet and the humidity is fairly low. Give your home that unique touch and save some bucks by using reclaimed material. Using reclaimed materials, like doors or moldings, can dramatically cut the cost of a home makeover. And by keeping those salvaged materials out of the landfill, you’ll also be making your project greener. If you don’t mind a little hunting you can get most of what you need by visiting salvage stores like Ricca’s Architectural Sales.

What You Need To Know

Finding what you need could take a little time, so start early looking for the things your remodeling project requires. There is a chance you might not find all the doors or tiles you need during your first visit. Ricca’s Architectural Sales has a lot of items from demolition in their inventory that they restore and preserve for future uses in residential designs. Here you will be able to find interior and exterior doors, kitchen and light fixtures, mantles for fireplaces, cabinets, moldings and so much more. Since Ricca’s restores items recovered from New Orleans homes the designs will fit your southern home style. Keep in mind the store is updated regular so a couple of trips might be necessary to find what you need.

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