Spruce Your Garden Up For Spring

Spring is just around the corner and that means you will be spending more time in your garden. If your outdoor space needs a makeover, we might have just the ideas you need to turn your backyard into an interesting space you won’t want to leave. Here is what you can to do to spruce up your garden for spring!

Unusual Planters

Using planters can help protect your flowers and even vegetables from some pests. Don’t just use boring pots, spruce your garden up with some exciting and different planter options. If you think about it, really any bigger container can be turned into a planter. Imagine flowers or even vegetables growing in and old claw foot bathtub. Old broken fountains cold be turned into planters as well. Flowers growing in old, but very ornate sconces or lamp shades will definitely give your backyard that unique touch you have been looking for. Your imagination is the limit. If you need some inspirations head over to Ricca’s Architectural store today!

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