Repurpose Ideas For Old Chandeliers

Repurpose Ideas for old chandeliersIt is almost winter which means it is getting dark earlier and earlier outside. Why not bring in some extra light this holiday season? We, at Ricca’s Architectural store, offer a wide variety of old fashioned chandeliers and lamps that can brighten up your home!

Lighting Ideas

There are several things you can do with older chandeliers or lamps. You could get the chandeliers rewired and put energy efficient LED lights in them. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of having to rewire the piece, you could simply add some candles. This is a great idea especially for the holidays. If you decide to go with crystal chandeliers, you will even add some sparkle to your home. The crystals tend to reflect the light and let the entire room shine.  If you don’t like the brass look of an old chandelier, consider painting it. White will give the piece a whole new look, but you can pick any color that matches your home decor.

If you want to add some extra flair to your yard, an old chandelier would be a perfect piece. Get some solar lights and insert those into the lamp instead of candles or regular lights. Leave it in your back or front yard and your neighbors will be sure to compliment you.

Visit Ricca’s Architectural Warehouse

At Ricca’s we have plenty of chandeliers available including 1920’s 5 arm chandeliers, black chandeliers with crystal pendalogues, 10 arm crystal chandeliers as well as 6 arm Italian and Spanish brass and crystal chandeliers. Keep in mind a re-purposed chandelier also makes a unique holiday gift.

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