The Evolution Of TV Sets

TV Set EvolutionPretty much everybody has a flat screen smart TV nowadays. The TV set has come a long way from its, one could say, humble beginnings in 1928. Here is a quick look at the evolution of the TV set.

From Furniture Pieces To Sleek Smart TVs

The first TV was called Octagon. It was made by General Electric and it had a mechanical, rotating disc technology to display images on its three-inch screen. The first television broadcasting began in the same year, but it was experimental, and the audience was limited to a small area.

The old television sets of the 1950s resembled furniture and basically required a team of electrical engineers, carpenters, lumber suppliers, wood stains, brass, and even fabric to produce. That made them very expensive.  One example is the Cossor. It came in a walnut cabinet. Its screen was hidden by doors when not in use. Another design feature of the early TV-sets  included  round screens, seen in 1949’s Raytheon TV.

The 80s brought console TVs into many living rooms. Over the decades, buttons replaced knobs and dials, profiles got slimmer, and sleek black replaced colorful frames. In 1997, Sharp and Sony introduced the first large flat screen TV. It  measured 42 inches.  In the early 2000’s, TV’s became smart.

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